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The Upside Down Wealth Method

A tax-advantaged growth strategy for savvy business owners who want to live free.

You should be setting the rules for your money, not the bank (or the IRS).

Let's get started.

This wealth strategy will change your life.

Watch this video to learn how you can go from fed up to FREE with Infinite Banking.

Real results from real clients.

Fire Your Bank 9.jpg

- Small Business Owner, Real Estate Investor

Fire Your Bank (7).jpg

- Realtor, Real Estate Investor

Fire Your Bank (8).jpg

- Small Business Owner, Real Estate Investor

Control your wealth with the
Upside Down Wealth Method

Your personalized version of the renowned "Infinite Banking" method.

Grow (and protect) your money

Get uninterrupted compound interest on your tax-protected wealth.

Fund your investments

Store your capital until there are investments you're ready to finance.


Recapture interest you're losing to the banks without paperwork or questioning.

Take care of your family

The death benefit will protect your assets and provide wealth to your legacy.

Ready to get free from the traditional banking system?

Book a Call today

Stop stressing.

Infinite Banking is your game-changer.

Beyond the confines of traditional banking lies a realm where your money thrives, tax-efficiently.


  • Your cash value grows, shielded from high taxation or capital gains.

  • Need cash? Borrow against your policy. It's tax-efficient.

  • And yes, when your legacy is passed on, it's tax-free. 


Whole life insurance has never been this exhilarating!

Here's how you'll reap unparalleled benefits: 



Your whole life insurance policy's cash value grows tax-free, ensuring no immediate tax burdens.



Access your policy's cash without tax worries.



Borrow against your policy, enjoying tax-efficient interest.



Upon your time, the legacy you leave is tax-free for your beneficiaries.


Best of all?


✅ You get me. 

I won’t leave you hanging!

I’m going to coach you every step of the way to optimize your use of your policy, for the LIFE of the policy.


👉 No guesswork.


👉 No confusion.


👉 I’m in your corner.


I’ve seen too many people sign up for policies like this only to be left in the dust. I simply won’t allow that.

The Upside Down Wealth Method is easy



We'll discuss you, your business and how your personalized Infinite Bank will work.



We'll use a specifically-designed whole life insurance policy to create your personal bank.



Use your liquid assets to invest, benefit from tax protection, and compound your wealth.

Fire Your Bank (5).jpg

- Real Estate Investor & Small Business Owner

Fire Your Bank (1).jpg

- Real Estate Investor


Hi, I'm Drew 👋

I dislike banks and the IRS as much as you.

I went from being a nurse in $150K of student loan debt to traveling full-time with my family using the Infinite Banking method. 

It changed my life!

I've simplified the method to help today's business owners take control of their wealth.


I'm an Authorized IBC Practitioner, certified by the Nelson Nash Institute to teach this method.


To date, I've helped dozens of business owners break free from the traditional banking system and the IRS.

And I can't wait to help you break free too.

Freedom is right around the corner.

Get to know the small business owners who are leveraging the power of Infinite Banking.

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